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As nurses we are passionate about health, wellness, and supporting women in their healing journey. Our team believes that nursing has been our calling, and we strive to provide a sense of safety and security for clients in their most vulnerable states. 

As a team we have 12 years of professional experience caring for post-surgical patients in a variety of healthcare settings. We bring all our knowledge and compassion to each client through their recovery journey focusing on healing from the inside out.

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*We serve the greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. Travel is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Our Team


Amber Ohlmann, founder of Restorative Nursing, considers the business her passion project. She strives to elevate the standard of postoperative care by combining clinical excellence with luxury, creating a healing environment that promotes physical and emotional well-being.


Kami Travers has over 12 years of experience caring for patients postoperatively. Her passion lies in optimizing patient recovery. As a co-founder of Restorative Nursing, she is committed to ensuring clients receive personalized, compassionate care.

kami travers


Andrea Vasquez is a physician, certified functional nutritional counselor, and reiki therapist. She helps her clients understand that true wellness lies in achieving balance in body, mind, and emotions. Dr. Vasquez empowers patients to understand their symptoms and heal through diet and lifestyle changes. As part of the recovery team, she strives to empower and support each patient on their healing journey.

Andrea Vasquez


Abby is a passionate and joyful member of our recovery team. She strives for high quality patient care that is personalized to everyone. With a background in emergency medicine, she has taken care of people from all walks of life and looks forward to aiding each client to their successful recovery.


Brianna comes from the Emergency Department where she works to give holistic care to those in all types of emergencies. As a part of our recovery team, she is dedicated to laying a foundation of healing though compassionate and empathetic care.

Brianna Imes


Mary Kate comes from the surgical intensive care unit where she is passionate about helping our nation’s veterans recover from elective and emergent surgeries. As part of our recovery team, she is enthusiastic about helping our clients heal by providing rest and comfort.

Mary Kate Higgins

Abby Jackson

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Jeff K. 

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Josh S.

Amber Olhmann,